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About Us

JADE by Ashima

Where the ‘Traditional’ meets the ‘Modern’

JADE is a fashion outlet which inspires contemporary vogue to mingle with ethnic and traditional style of clothing. Outfits crafted at JADE are modern and yet able to retain the uniqueness of the Indian tradition.

JADE’s founder, Ashima, fosters an ever-growing interest in Indo-Western fashion which explains how JADE turned to be nobody else’s but her idea. The fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneur desires to extend the client-base by ensuring quality and client satisfaction.

JADE was founded in 2013 and has come a long way after making a splendid journey. Together with the name it has made for itself, JADE is revered by the stakeholders of the fashion world. While the exclusive range of drapes and fusion wear offered by JADE blends ‘cliché’ with the ‘cool’, the cuts, patterns, and embellishments epitomize the free feminine spirit!

JADE, an idea which took shape years ago has many more miles to go!